JAMES Study 2016

9. November 2016 / /

The results of the latest study on media use of young people in Switzerland shows that the young take 25% more time in the internet than two years ago. Smartphones and flat rates have made the internet part of everyday life. More developments: Instagram and Snapchat have overtaken Facebook.

Worlddidac Award for «My Bourbaki Panorama»

8. November 2016 /

The app on the famous Lucerne Bourbaki Panorama is a pioneer project in history teaching. It takes history right into the virtual era and on to your tablet. It has been developed in collaboration with Lucerne’s teacher university and offers a teacher’s manual, portraits and a set of tasks.

Youth barometer 2016: generation stress?

10. October 2016 / /

The 2016 Credit Suisse Youth Barometer illustrates how the growing variety of goals in life and the more and more widespread use of smartphones and apps are increasingly turning young people surveyed in Switzerland, Brazil, Singapore, and the US into a «stress generation».

UZH Digital Society Initiative

16. September 2016 / /

This research initiative of the University of Zurich is aimed at «pooling and building on UZH’s expertise for critical, interdisciplinary reflection and innovation across the board in the digitization of society and science.» During the launch phase new fields of research will be developed.

Interim solution for Erasmus+ extended

8. September 2016 /

The Federal Council has extended the 2014–2016 interim solution for Swiss participation in individual projects of Erasmus+ by one year, thus providing interested Swiss nationals the opportunity to participate in European mobility and cooperation projects until the end of 2017.

Hack the City 2016

9. August 2016 / /

On the evening of 26 August, the open-air hackathon for all age groups starts in Chiasso. The participants have 48 hours to realize their ideas on the event's motto «Living a City in the Digital Era». People without programming skills are also encouraged to attend. Tickets available until 23 August.


23. June 2016 /

On occasion of the International Congress on Vocational and Professional Education and Training, President Schneider-Amann referred to the big changes in society caused by digitalisation. «I am convinced that the dual education and training system can adapt quickly to technological change.»

Digital learning ecosystem on nutrition

2. June 2016 /

To celebrate the re-opening of its museum in June, the Alimentarium in Vevey now offers virtual classrooms, educational videos and worksheets - also in English. Teachers, pupils and parents now learn more about nutrition via the MOOC platform, connected to a range of applications and games.

World & Swiss Education Days 2016

1. June 2016 /

In 2016, the most important educational events in Switzerland «Didacta» and «Worlddidac» will take place for the first time under their new names in BERNEXPO, Bern. The Swiss Education Days take place once every two years. They focus on educators and people responsible for education at all levels.

Mobile off, thoughtfulness on

18. May 2016 / /

By this motto Swisscom has announced a day of undivided attention to people instead of media for the 20 May. It's not against smartphones but for a responsible attitude towards digital media. The company's philosophy postulates that time off from digital media is part of media literacy.

Awards presentation national contest

4. May 2016 / /

A total of 93 young scientists from all over Switzerland got together at the end of April at the campus of the Teachers University of FHNW to present their projects for the national contest of Swiss Youth in Science. For the first time a number of schools were awarded for frequent participation.

IT Days 2016

28. April 2016 / /

For the first event of «Informatiktage» by ICTswitzerland on June 3 and 4, IT institutions in the canton of Zurich are opening their doors to give young people, parents and students an insight into the daily practice of their job – and to recruit new trainees for the IT branch.

15 years of Euresearch

18. March 2016 / /

Euresearch, the Swiss guide to European research and innovation, is celebrating its 15th birthday. Its aim is to advise applicants to European research programmes in Switzerland, including information on how to fill out application forms, file a proposal, deadlines and partnerships.

Open Education Week 2016

8. March 2016 / /

From March 7 to 11 Switzerland is taking part in this year's worldwide Open Education Week. This week is a welcome opportunity to discuss ideas, projects and topics on digital learning across language and national borders, e.g. Creative Commons and Open Educational Resources (OER).

New ways for digital publication

9. February 2016 / /

The professional portal of the historical sciences in Switzerland has launched a project by the name of Living Books about History which explores new ways of scientific publication. Digital essays by scientific editors are accompanied by multimedia contributions (videos, images, websites etc.).

New portal for Swiss open government data

3. February 2016 / /

The Confederation, cantons and communes as well as other organisations with official mandate publish their open data on In the category «Education ad Science» teachers may find interesting contents for their lessons. All the datasets can be downloaded free of charge and exploited.

For a Free Digital Society

28. January 2016 / /

On February 5, Richard M. Stallman, the founder of the GNU/Linux system, will be speaking at the Research Center for Digital Sustainability of the University of Bern. His subject is the threats to digital freedom from non-free software and the use of web services. Please sign up from 1 February.

Big Ideas for Big Data

19. January 2016 / /

The Swiss Talent Forum by Swiss Youth in Science will be taking place in Thun, canton Berne, from Thursday, 28 to Sunday 31 January. By the title of «Big Ideas for Big Data» 70 young people from Switzerland and abroad will be elaborating visions for the future for ten aspects of Big Data.

Modernisation of copyright

29. December 2015 /

The Federal Council plans to modernise the copyright and match it to the latest technological developments. The main objectives are a more efficient combat against piracy, explanations for the users of peer-to-peer networks and the simplified use of digital offers.

Confederation harmonises scholarships

14. December 2015 /

With the new Education Subsidies Act for university education, the Confederation aims at an inter-cantonal harmonisation of scholarships. Cantons will receive subsidies from the Confederation as usual, provided they respect the requirements. The law will come into effect on January 1, 2016.